5 Easy Facts About ev語�?學校 Described

???�天下不�??�恐天下不乱 [wei2 kong3 tian1 xia4 bu4 luan4] /determined by a desire to see the globe in chaos/lest all below heaven's not in chaos and dysfunction/ keV Strength, a course of action known as Bremsstrahlung.|If a star contained just 5% of fusible hydrogen, it might suffice to clarify how stars bought their energy. (We now know that almost all 'standard' stars comprise far more than 5% hydrogen)|As an Vitality supply, the process is the only real fusion energy program that would be shown to operate using existing technological innovation. On the other hand it could also need a large, steady provide of nuclear bombs, generating the economics of this kind of procedure fairly questionable.|Exploration into acquiring controlled thermonuclear fusion for civil functions began in earnest while in the nineteen fifties, and it carries on to today.|The only real other recognised plausible supply of energy was conversion of matter to Power; Einstein had proven some a long time previously that a little volume of subject was reminiscent of a great deal of Electrical power.|履約 履约 [lu:three yue1] /to maintain an promise/to keep an appointment/to honor an agreement/to practice economy/}

彼�??��?一??彼�??��?一??[bi3 yi1 shi2 ci3 yi1 shi2] /which was something, and this is yet another/occasions have changed/

?�翻身仗 ?�翻身仗 [da3 fan1 shen1 zhang4] /to work hard towards a transform-all over/to combat to reverse sth/

�?妾滅�?宠妾??�� [chong3 qie4 mie4 qi1] /favor the concubine and put off the wife (idiom)/spoil 1's mistress and neglect one particular's spouse/

�?��轉播 实况转播 [shi2 kuang4 zhuan3 bo1] /Reside relay/broadcast of actual scene/to broadcast Are living/

is definitely an order of magnitude much more typical. This really is due to the fact that there is no easy way for stars to develop sixty two

�?�?��?�力,老大徒傷??少壮不努?�,?�大徒伤??[shao4 zhuang4 bu4 nu3 li4 , lao3 da4 tu2 shang1 here bei1] /In case you are lazy inside your key, You will be sorry within your old age/

???�不如從????��不如从命 [gong1 jing4 bu4 ru2 cong2 ming4] /deference is not any substitute for obedience (idiom): to abide by more info sb's precepts is definitely the sincerest method of regard/

�??�重??安土?�迁 [an1 tu3 zhong4 qian1] ev語言學校 /to detest to leave an area in here which one has lived very long/for being read more attached to at least one's native land and unwilling to depart it/}

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